Yoichi Nagano Photo Exhibition
"To the Lighthouse"

10 Oct (Fri) - 31 Oct (Fri), 2008
12:00 - 19:00
iexcept the opening day, sunday and national holidays, close at 18:00j

We are pleased to announce Yoichi Nagano photo exhibition "To the Lighthouse" at FOIL GALLERY from 10th to 31st of October, 2008.
Yoichi Nagano was born in 1968. After graduating from art university, he announced "To the Lighthouse", a series of photographs portrayed teenagers in Islands of Amami, Okinawa with a project "Ningen no Machi" run by Gardian Garden. Subsequently, he has established his career as a photographer and collected the project as one book of the same title, "To the Lighthouse" in 2001. Since the publication, the fresh and impressive features of the photographs and texts have caught the readers' attentions and it has been a best-seller book.
- As I look back, "To the Lighthouse" has surely started from the day...
I might not have been taking photographs of teenagers in islands continuously as I have now, If I didn't encounter the graduates in Miyako-Islands, who were completely covered with white flour.
Yoichi Nagano has continuously photographed islands in Japan over 10 years. The sparkling features of teenagers Nagano captured has never stop fascinating the viewers.
Accompanied by the publication of revised edition of "To the Lighthouse", he will present about 30 works, including newly taken works, from his debut series "To the Lighthouse" after 4 years break from his last solo show in Tokyo.


Born 1968, in Fukuoka, Japan. Graduated from Tama Art University. Announced his debut series "To the Lighthouse" with a project "Ningen no Machi" run by Gardian Garden in 1998. After that he has established his career as photographer and published a photo book "Sima-jima" through Little More, 2004. He is to have solo show in November at his hometown Fukuoka, to accompany with an event "Bookoka 08".

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