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FOIL GALLERY in pleased to announce a solo exhibition of a young photographer Nohagi Naka. This Exhibition "noto" will bring you to a nostalgic world of the Noto Peninsura, and will also call up our own emotional memories.

A young Japanese photographer Nohagi Naka has been taking photographs of the scenery and the life in the Noto Peninsura, Ishikawa, where she has spent most of her time since moved from Tokyo in her childhood. Although her times in Noto goes by everyday, she has never got bored with the life there, but rather keeps a fresh and curious look towards the nature and the people of Noto, since ever she had a first sight when just moved to the villege from urban cities far in the distance . There, new discovery through the riches of natures and the life in the countryside, and the quiet and sometimes sad and melancholoc feelings the scenery evokes are co-existing delicately.

This exhitibition will present a fresh, but universal eyes on Japan's scenery none but the photographer who actually lives in can have, with the composition of about 30 large and small photographs, in which both light and shadow are inherent together.

Nohagi Naka Profile:
Born in 1979, Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Photography. After working at Amana Inc., she has been active as an independent photographer and also kept producing her own artistic works.


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