Mochikomi Night Commemorative Exhibition

18 June (Fri) - 9 July (Fri), 2010
12:00 - 19:00
(except the opening day, close at 18:00)
Closed on Sunday

Cherishing dreams of "publishing the book" "having solo show", many artists knock FOIL's door, bringing their portofolios. To respond to such enthusiasm, FOIL GALLERY has continuously held an portfolio review event, entitled "Mochikomi (submission) Night" once a month since December, 2007.

This event has started for the purpose of, not only finding new talents, but also supporting and nurturing such young artists. Through the past 20 events, 284 young artists in total participated. To mark the event's anniversary, we're pleased to announce "Mochikomi Night Commemorative Exhibition" with 15 artists from the past participants, who were particularly standing out prominently among others.

Regardless of its medium or echnique, from painting, photograph to installation, each artist will show their 2 new works during this exhibition. Turning their experience of Mochikomi Night to good account, they have actively produced their artwork and showed them in many both solo and group shows, including some open call competition award winner's exhibition, since then. In this exhibition, the power of remarkably growing artists - who bear the possibility of art in the future, will be freshly introduced.

Yoshimi ItoA Asako UtoA Masaru EguchiA Akira OtsuboA Yosaku KikuchiA Reiko KitamuraA Soyeon KimA Patrick TsaiA Isamu SakamotoA Masako SuzukiA Toshiro TashiroA Levi PataA Hirotsugu HoriA MAYUKO(S)MAYUKO(S)MAYUKO(S)A Miki Morino

Artist's profile
Yoshimi Ito :
Asako UtoF
Born in Aomori, 1984. Lives and Works in Tokyo.
Graduated from VANTAN DESIGN INSTITUTE, Fashion Design Course in 2005.
Currently studying at Setsu Mode Seminar.
Awarded Setsu Mode Art Award in 2010.
Born in Tokyo, 1980.
Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies in 2002.
Masaru EguchiF Akira OtsuboF
Born in Saitama, 1982.
Graduated from Taisho University, major in clinical psychology, Fuculty of Human Studies in 2006 and Tokyo College of Photography, Photography Course 2 in 2008.
Awarded Honorable Mention at New Cosmos of Photography by Canon, in 2008 and 2009 in succession. His major solo exhibition includes; "Form of life" Akarui Heya, Tokyo, 2009.

Born in Hyogo, 1979. Lives and works in Osaka.
Currently studying at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Department of Intermedia Art.
Awarded Jurors Award (by Yasumasa Morimura) at Mio Photo Award in 2009.
Yosaku KikuchiF
Reiko Kitamura
Born in Chiba, 1982.
Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Oil Painting course in 2006.
Selected for "Emerging Artist Support Program 2010" by Tokyo Wonder site in 2010.
His major exhibitions include; "miku see" BankART MINI, Kanagawa, 2008; "Unmammalian" Gallery StumpKamakura, Kanagawa, 2007.
Born in Saitama, 1980.
Graduated from Seikei University, Department of Literature in 2003 and Setsu Mode Seminer in 2006.
Awarded Setsu Mode Art Award in 2007.
Her major solo exhibitions include; "2018" FOIL GALLERY, Tokyo, 2009; "2057" LIFT, Tokyo, 2008.
Soyeon KimF Patrick TsaiF
Born in South Korea, 1979.
Currently studying at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Graduate School of Fine Arts.
Born in U.S.A, 1981. Currently Lives and works in Tokyo.
Attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts for Film/Television Production from 1999 - 2003.
Moved to Taipei, Taiwan in 2003. Started a project "My Little Dead Dick studio" with photographer Madi Ju in China from 2006 till 2008.
Isamu SakamotoF Masako SuzukiF
Born in Osaka. Lives and works in Tokyo.
Awarded The Gurdian Garden's 27th Hitotsubo Exhibition in 2006 and Photographicha Award at Shiogame Photo Festival in 2008.
His major exhibitions include; "Tokyo Portfolio Review" NADiff A/P/A/R/T, Tokyo, 2010; "Genko" Art Center Ongoig, Tokyo, 2009.
Born in Shizuoka, 1981.
Published her first monograph "ZOO-M" (FOIL) in 2009.
Her major solo exhibitions include; "ZOO-M" FOIL GALLERY, 2010; "Beautiful World" FOIL GALLERY, Tokyo, 2008.
Toshiaki TashiroF Levi PataF
Born in Saga, 1980.
Studied at Osaka University of Arts.
His major exhibitions include; "dialogue for future" PRINZ, Kyoto, 2008; "Gense Art Museum" Zenkyoan, Kyoto, 2006 and 2008; "artist by artist" Roppongi Mori Arts Center, Tokyo, 2003. His activity also includes live paint performance to fashion designing.
Born in Holister, U.S.A. Currently Lives and Works in Tokyo.
Graduated from City College of San Francisco in 2004.
Hirotsugu HoriF MAYUKO(S)
Born in Shizuoka, 1982. Lives and works in Kyoto.
Graduated from Art and Architecture School of Waseda University in 2008.
His major exhibitions include; "Independence Exhibitions of Higashikawa International Photographic Festival" Hokkaido, 2009; "DOOR 2009" Port Gallery T, Osaka, 2009.
Born in Chiba, 1979.
Self-educated her own artistic styles.Her major exhibition includes; Two persons exhibition with Aya Saito, FOIL GALLERY, Tokyo, 2008.
miki morinoF
Born in Aichi, 1972. Lives and works in Tokyo.
Started her career as a photographer and writer after working at an advertising agency and publisher.
Awarded EPSON Colour Imaging Contest in 2009.

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