Syoin Kajii
Marginal Village

20 FebruaryiWedj- 16 MarchiSunj
Mon - Sat: 12F00 - 20F00
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Sun: 12:00 - 18:00
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FOIL GALLERY is pleased to announce a solo show of the works by Syoin Kajii,
titled gMarginal Villegeh.
3 years from the artist's phenomenal series "NAMI",
this exhibition will present about 300 pieces from new series for the first time.

While the metropolitan cities like Tokyo are very well known for
the spectacularly displayed appearence and its advanced technology,
many rural districts in Japan have been suffering from
the serious depopulation, which keeps on aggravating year by year.
Especially, the number of communal areas, where
more than 50% of the inhabitants are 65 years old has increased rapidly,
and people there are forced to live in very severe circumstance.
Syoin Kajii has visited those, what we call, gMarginal Villageh
and taken photographs of the portrait of the people living there
and the ladscapes where and how people actually make their own livings.
The photographs taken through the sincere and warm eyes of the artist
straightly mirror the earnest wishes of the people living in the incovenience.

This exhibition gMarginal Villageh is a documentary which tells a story of Japanfs reality,
which might be soon forogot without being realized
orperhaps remembered by anyone.

Photos and Texts by Syoin Kajii
Marginal Village 1400yenitax excludedj
Full Color^19x13cm^176pages

sOther Exhibitiont
Syoin Kajii Solo Exhibition@NAMI
8 Feb. iFrij-6 Apr. iSunj 2008
10:00-17:00 Closed on Sunday
AT: Niitsu Art Forum


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