Levi Pata
"Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music"

25th (Fri) Feb - 12th (Sat) Mar, 2011
12:00 - 19:00
closed on Sunday

FOIL GALLERY is pleased to announce Levi Pata's solo exhibition,"Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music" from February 25, to March 12, 2011.
As an American artist, Levi Pata was born and raised in California, in a family of mainly Native American origin. He has been living in Tokyo now for two years. The title, "Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music" came from a scene from the movie, The Godfather, when the subtitles were describing a scene for the deaf, where there was gunfire going on as well as music. As human beings, we can produce both gunfire and music, but are both loud and opposite sounds. These sounds can symbolize everyday life, especially in a city such as Tokyo, and bring to surface the silence underneath all of us. Living in Tokyo, brought this silence to Levi's awareness and made for a connection between all his works.

The things in these two worlds bring contradictions. In this present era of despair and struggle for evolution, Levi brings us a world of both, seamlessly fused together, to represent one single place for our dreams to head toward. A world that aims toward the inner part of each of us, and wants to include all in the journey toward ourselves..

Levi Pata profile:
Born in Holister, U.S.A. Currently Lives and Works in Tokyo.
Graduated from Fine Arts, City College of San Francisco in 2004.

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