Jun Tsunoda Solo Exhibition

Ring-stripe 2008

30 May (Fri) - 22 Jun (Sun) 2008
Open Every Day
12F00 - 20F00
iexcept the opening day and Sunday, close at 18:00j

We are pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Jun Tsunoda at FOIL GALLERY from 30th May to 22nd Jun, 2008. This show will be his first major solo show in Tokyo in his long career.

While having established his career as a graphic designer,Tsunoda has been producing his own art works as his lifeworks.
Layered limpid acrylic and pastel paints weave exquisite balance of clourful sensation and rhythmical touches, while intricate feelings and waverys in everyday life are delicately embodied in his abstract paintings.

Including both his latest painting works on canvas and ealier drawing works, this show will present about 50 works of Jun Tsunoda, which will take us to the world of sensusous, soft and fragile fantasy.

@ Ring-obscure, 2008

@ Dot drawing, 2007

@Jun Tsunoda Profile


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