Nobuto Osakabe photo exhibition


2015.4.11 (Thu) | 5.3(Sun)
Mon - Thu 11:30 - 19:00 / Sun 11:30 - 18:00
Closed on Wednesdays
Admission : 300 yen
(Free for junior high school students or youngerj

Opening Reception: April 11 from 18:00-20:00

FOIL GALLERY is pleased to announce a photo exhibition gHANABIhby Nobuto Osakabe from April 11, 2015.


I have always been reluctant to photograph fireworks.
They all look good to some extent but have no originality at all as a photograph. Background of fireworks only matter in order to be unique and it has led me think that beauty of firework itself is difficult to work on alone.
When I started using a digital camera mainly in 2012, I realized how high the resolution was on my PC monitor, unlike old film photography- in terms of resolution, it was totally beyond my expectation. Then I decided to photograph objects that I havenft really seen in high resolution before. CCD converts light into signals in order to convey information to be recorded in a device.
I felt as if the all-electric process of digital photography is like creating a universe in a small box of camera.
That summer, I went to see fireworks on the Tama River.
Some of the pieces I would call core of the series gHANABI(fireworks)h were taken that time.
I felt like I was looking at the universe when countless beauties burst upon my sight in a moment of explosion.
In each of fireworks looking different as the one and only existence, I saw space and time spread eternally.
The gHANABIh series express longing for the universe. Using fireworks photographed on paper, I am trying to realize the universe I havenft seen with my own eyes.
What kind of lights would there be, if I could ever able to go to the space?
I would never be bored photographing the brightest spectacle.

Nobuto Osakabe


Nobuto Osakabe
1984 Born in Shizuoka and lives in Tokyo, Japan
2007 Graduated from Faculty of Arts Department of photography, Tokyo Polytechnic University

Photo Book : HANABI

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