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18 JaniFrij - 11 Feb (Mon), 2008
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Special Talks "ECHO Night"
Kunie Kanbara ~ Ellie Omiya ~ Ayano Tsuji
25 Jan 2008iFrij19F00`20F30

We are pleased to inform you that Kunie Kanbara solo exhibition "ECHO" will take place at FOIL GALLEY from 18 January 2008 though 11 Feburary 2008.

After a 4 year break from her first publication "RESET" (Little More, 2004), this exhibition presents more poetic, symbolic and enthusiastic works of Kunie Kanbara.
In the latest works shown at FOIL GALLERY, the artist has tried to reconsider and sublimated the previous works, which portrayed ordinary scenes in everyday life, and her new works will give you a fresh sensation of more analog feeling brought by the manual-work on degitally processed illustrationo on Japanese papers.

In this exhibition "ECHO", you will find yourself wanderng in a world of picture book.

Kunie Kanbara Profile
Born 1978, in Kyoto. Works and lives in Kyoto.
In 1999, when her works first introduced in the logo marks and visual advertisments of FM 802 in Osaka, she started her professional career as an illustrator.
Since then, she has been actively presented her art works for the jackets of many books and CDs, magazines and advertismets of several major companies.
Including the works of video art and prduction of accessories home-manifactured with her sister, and also the activity as a member of a musical group "CECIL", she has been playing active role in various field.

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