Toshiteru Yamaji photo exhibition
"Pigs and Papa"

15th (Wed) - 26th (Sun) December, 2010
12:00 - 19:00 open everyday

Opening Reception: 15h Dec (Wed) 18:30 - 20:30


FOIL GALLERY is pleased to announce photo exhibition "Pigs and Papa" from 15th (wed) to 26th December, 2010. This exhibition shows black and white photographs taken over 10 years, capturing every features of days of a pig farmer in Marugame, a countryside city of Kagawa, spending their time together with pigs.

A pig peacefully sleeping on the man's belly, or looking at a newspaper over the man's shoulder, when the man plays the guitar, all the pigs gather up and it becomes a impromptu concert - from morning till night, the farm family spend all of their time with those pigs, more as a family. While farming process tends to become all automatic in the course of mass-production and consumption, this family does all by hands, pouring their love on each pig, during each work: from feeding to sewage treatment. Beyond merely a relation of livestock and the farmer, the photographs shown in this exhibition clearly represent the bonds with full of love between the farmer and the pigs as, in a sense, partner living together.

Coinciding with this exhibition, the same titled photo book will be also published. This publication is revised edition of the book self-published by the photographer in 2009 and spread by word of mouth.

Toshiteru Yamaji Profile:

Born in Kagawa, Japan in 1937. Worked as a city officer for 24 years and was engaged in business related to agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Self-published a photo book as a record of a pig farmer and the pigs. Awarded the 13th Japan Self-Publishing Award, Graphic Prize for this photo book.


Toshiteru Yamaji
"Pigs and Papa"

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