Masako Suzuki
"beautiful world"

5 Sep (Fri) - 21 Sep (Sun) 2008
12F00 - 19F00
iexcept the opening day, sunday and national holidays, close at 18:00j



FOIL GALLERY is pleased to announce Masako Suzuki Solo Exhibition "beautiful world" from 5th (Fri) throughout 21st (Sun) September, 2008.
Masako Suzuki (b. 1981, lives and works in Shizuoka, Japan) started paintings in her late teens on her own. Since then she has been actively produced her art works and joined several group exhibition including "GEISAI".
As if looking at small sells through a microscope, Masako Suzuki's work is delicately drawn with meticulous lines and circles. The small patterns are spun out one after another to shape floweres, to figure as animals in the end. Those carefully detailed drawings will let us perceive, this universe is actually a collective of such tiny details, as well as the universe is also infinitely spread in all those smalls. Like thinking of stars shining far away in distance, the viewers should be overwhelmed by the feeling of endlessness seen in her works.
Two years from the previous exhibition, "beautiful world" at FOIL GALLERY will present Masako Suzuki's animal-motif works which she has been depicted as her lifetime theme.


Masako Suzuki

Born in Shizuoka, 1981. Started paintings when she was 17 years old and presented works in public from 2000, with the artist name as "jellyfish", including at the exhibitions such as "GEISAI" which is presided by Takashi Murakami. Since 2008, she has renamed her name as Masako Suzuki, her real name, and worked as a painter.

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