Kim Siyeon

20 Aug (Fri) - 11 Sep (Sat), 2010
12:00 - 19:00
(except the opening day, close at 18:00)
Closed on Sunday

Opening reception:
20 Aug (Fri), 18:30-20:30

FOIL GALLERY is pleased to present "Barricade", a solo exhibition of Korean installation artist Kim Siyeon. This will be the second appearance of the artist at FOIL GALLERY, following to the first display in a group exhibition "Made of Layers" in 2009, in which her photographic works prominently attracted viewers' attention among others. The exhibition runs from 20th August throughout 11th September, 2010, featuring photographic works and installation.

In her photographic works, delicately arranged salt pillars, hand carved soap shards along with everyday objects in very domestic scene such as a kitchen, living room and balcony are captured as the subjects of black and white prints.
The monochromatic world can look silent and elegant arrangement of objects at first glance, but when you see them closely and throughly quite symbolic factors in different layers show up.
As seen in the title, "barricade" is apparently the most dominant theme of Kim consistently appeared in her works.

The cleverly placed objects are indeed fortress, disturbing the pathway physically or mentally - literally blocking the door, or producing a tense atmosphere by the untouchable fragility. Fragility of the material is another key to reach her works. Combined with a role as barricade, the frailty amplifies the back side of barricade, the hidden defect or anxiety - using salt and soap in particular, both often symbolise purification, the intentionally use of those material may also suggest the acuteness. At the same time, elaborately chosen context of domestic environment greatly supports the emotional effect of Kim's work. The places originally associated with the idea of warmth, comfort and safety, again paradoxically emphasize solitude, alienation, or even absence of communication, separated by those fragile barricades.

Through such strategical composition of the objects in particular contexts, Kim Siyeon rather gracefully brings naive turmoil of emotions into a relief. While reinforcing her consistent subject matter, in this exhibition, site-specific installation with powdery soap will be also exhibited jumping out of the two-dimentional world.
When the work is incorporated in a context of FOIL GALLERY, how Kim's body of work will be transformed? Please visit our gallery to actually experience this special exhibition.

This show Barricade is curated by Kim Inseon, Willing n Dealing art consulting, Seoul.

Kim Siyeon profie:
Born 1971, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul.
Received BFA and MFA from Ewha Womans University, Seoul and also MFA from School of Visual Arts, New York. Kim has held numerous solo exhibitions, including "Barricade" Gallery Satori, New York (2010), "Barricade" Gallery Em, Seoul (2008) and also participated in various group exhibitions such as at Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul (2009), Gallery Hyundai Gang-nam Space, Seoul (2009) and PS122 Gallery, New York (2008) to name a few. Her signature works of installation with salt and soap objects and photographs of them can be found in different private and public collection worldwide. Kim has also participated in various residency programs, such as Tokyo Wonder Site (2007) and Vermont studio Center (2003).

Kim Inseon profile
Born 1971, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul. Kim studied fine art practice at Ewha Womans University and furthered her study in art history at Pratt Institute, New York. Versatile in contemporary art curation and art administrations, Kim worked for many different international art festivals, such as 2002 Gwangju Biennale (Exhibition Coordinator), Anyang Public Art Project 2005 (Curator), Busan Biennale 2006 (Curator) and also worked as the chief curator of Daelim Contemporary Art Museum. After working as an art director of Inter Alia Art Company, she has established Willing n Dealing art consulting.

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