Women is everything.

Narrated by each different male storyteller and titled with each different female name, "Women" fully brings allures of women with 13 miserable, irritating but still sweet stories overflowed from pining every day.
For all the women living toughly but gracefully.
For all the men who are charmed by those lovable women...

* One chapter,"Sandra", has its English translation!

Suzumo Sakurai
Born 1968 in Sapporo. Graduated from Meiji Gakuin University, Department of Sociology. Dropped out from Doshisha University Postgraduate Course.
Awarded Asahi Shinjin Bungaku (New Novelist) Prize in 2002 with "Aleruya" (Asahi Shimbun Company). His other publication includes "A Day In The Garden of Cherry" (Futabasya).



Title: Women (Japanese only)
Author: Suzumo Sakurai
Book Cover Design: Junichi Tsunoda
Illustration: Tomoo Gokita
Price: 1800 yen (tax excluded)
Size: 188 x 300 mm
232 Pages ^ French Binding (Soft cover)
(February, 2009)

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