Long-awaited first book by a peerless rock singer is finally released!
With Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Rosso, Midnight Bankrobbers, The Birthday - Yusuke Chiba has always been standing in the front line of Japanese music scene since the debut.
Half of the 125 songs selected by the artist himself - from World's End to Olive- are appeared with newly written commentaries which trail the atmosphere of the times.
Including hand-written words and drawings transcribed from his sketchbooks, as well as short stories and prose which is, or to be, the base of his lyrics, "BEAT" has, beyond the category of anthology, completed as a spirited book revealing the unrivalled artist's overwhelming world.

*Japanese texts only


Yusuke Chiba
Born in 1968, 10th July.
Debuted in 1996 as a vocalist of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
He has continuously played in bands; Rosso, Midnight Bankrobbers, The Birthday.

The Birthday Official Website


Title: BEAT (Japanese texts only)
Author: Yusuke Chiba
Design: Yoshihiro Sugawara (boris graphic engineering)
Price: 1800 yen (tax excluded)
ISBNF978-4-902943-36-8 C0092
240 pages / 182x126mm / Soft cover
(November, 2008)

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