100 years of 100 women who have firmly lived through the ground of Brazil

In 2008, numbers of commemorative events were held both in Brazil and Japan to celebrate 100 years anniversary of Japan-Brazil emigrant.
100 years ago, the reality awaited the women who moved to Brazil with a dream - to accompany with their husband and family, or as a picture bride - was unimaginably severe circumstances. Nevertheless those women have toughly stood up through such trying days with their characteristic toughness and cheefulness, and have powerfully supported their family and also the Japanese society in Brazil.
Going all around Brazil, reporters of Sao Paulo Shimbun have collected fresh-hand voices of those women and worked up those interviews with both new and old pictures into one book as a valuable record of Japanese emigrants.
The 100 ways of life of those 100 women is truly a history man-created, which tells you a wisdom of living, and philosophy of what is "to live".

Sao Paulo Shimbun is...
A newspaper of Japanese-writing, published and distributed in Japanese society in Brazil, which has the largest number of readers among other Japanese papers. The population in the Japanese society in Brazil now counts about one and a quarter million. Although the number of whom speak and write Japanese have been reduced year by year, more than a hundred thousand of the first-generation Japanese emigrants in Brazil are still living well, and the Japanese newspaper is widely read as a precious information source.   

*Japanese texts only


Title: 100 years -100 stories of 100 women emigrated to Brazil (Japanese texts only)
Edited by Sao Paulo Shimbun
Design: Takashi Miyagawa
Cover Image: Rinko Kawauchi
Price: 1500 yen (tax excluded)
ISBNF978-4-902943-38-2 C0022
216 Pages / 18.8 x 12 cm / Soft Cover
(February, 2009)

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