First Picture Book of the popular dolls "Odeco & Nikki"

One day, a cat "Nikki" come from faraway town to a house of an outgoing girl "Odeco". As they spend the time together, the stiff relation of them are gradually relaxed and.....

Mie Manabe, the creator of "Odeco & Nikki", as well as the art director of "Post Pet", an e-mailing software, of which pink bear-figured character has got charismatic popularity, has newly write an full-scale picture book to be read by mothers together with their daughters.
This first children's book from FOIL is written under the theme of "Communication", with a hope children can enter a new community without fearing such encounter. When leaving there parents and thrown into a new community alone, children would learn and grow up on their own ability.

Everyone must have their own particularly favorite picture books in their childhood, together with attached precious memories and those deeply rooted remembrance can often be a hint in our grown-up lives.
An illustrator Yoko Tokino's pastel drawing of new "Odeco & Nikki" will take us to colourful fantasy world.

***Japanese texts only


Odeco & Nikki
Being announced their story on a magazine "spoon" in 2005, and then debuted as a pair of 20 cm size dress-up doll in 2006.
Since then, those pair of an outgoing girl and a willful cat have got popularity in comprehensive fans.
They can be also seen in "Odeco& Nikki" (Kadokawa Publishing Group, 2006) and magazine "Dolly*Dolly" (Graphic-sha Publishing)
Official Homepage:

Namie Manabe
Art Director. Established PetWORKs in 1998 and produced an e-mail software "Post Pet".
In 2001, she developed her hobby of dress-up doll into creating "momoko" dolls project, which later expanded to have shows, including at Logos Gallery, Tokyo, and Hara Museum, Tokyo.

Yoko Tokinori
Illustrator, Graphic Designer. Working at PetWORKs, Design Department. Her publications include Illustration book of Post Pet "Momo and and a mysterious letter" (Tokuma Shoten) and "Odeco & Nikki" (Kadokawa Publishing Group)



Title: Hello Odeco & Nikki (Japanese texts only)
Story: Namie Manabe
Illustration: Yoko Tokinori
Price: 1500 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN978-4-902943-43-6 C8793
Size: 190mm x 170mm
32 pages / Hard Cover
(March, 2009)

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