FOIL vol.3
Devided by the day of earthquake, March 11th, we could say our perspective before or after the day has radically changed. Many people in the Tohoku region have lost their family and home. Our life, everyone living in Japan, have been still put in danger or fear of radiatio leakage because of the nuclear accident. Moreover Japanese economy has been also devastated, it seems all such elements of fear has even made locked up feeling grow. This is why, reversely, this FOIL magazine new issue "HOPE" has published, hoping that we could hold a hope in us, to become lightened up even a little. Beyond the category of "visual magazine", 34 artists' special works including texts are contributed here..


Painting: Ryoko Aoki, Ryoji Arai, Tsuwaki Ed, Tomoo, Gokita, Kentaro Kobuke, Risa Sato, Hiroshi Sugito, Masako Suzuki, Jun Tsunoda, Yoshitomo Nara, Levi Pata
Photograph: Anat Parnass, Eye Ohashi, Syoin Kajii, Rinko Kawauchi, Yasuhide Kuge, Jodie Vicenta Jacobson, Kenshu Shintsubo, Seung Woo Back, Hiroyuki Takenouchi, Yusuke Chiba, Yuichi Nagano, Hanayo, Han Sungpil
Texts: Shinji Ishii, Akito Inui, Masamune Uematsu, Kumiko Takahashi, Toshiaki Toyoda, Ikuko Harada, Shin Fukunaga, Shiro Maeda, Banana Yoshimoto, Genichi Yamanishi

Title: FOIL vol.3 "HOPE"
Design: Junichi Tsunoda
Price: 1500 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN 978-4-902943-67-2 C0070
Dimension: 182 x 250 mm
Pages: 168 pages
Binding: Soft Cover
(June, 2011)
*Japanese texts only

FOIL vol.2
To accompany with Paris Photo 2008, one of the biggest international art fair at Carrousel du Louvre, who invited Japan as a guest of honour this year, "visual" magazine FOIL will proudly issue the 2nd volume with the theme of JAPAN!
Old-time, nostalgic scenery which has been been disappearing, present figure of Japan, and also this country seen from overseas... As if weaving shortstories of 6 pages by each artist, this volume gives us an opportunity to re-think "Japan" from multidimensional views.


Okamoto Taro, Eizan Tatsuta, Shinro Otake, Yoshitomo Nara, Masataka Nakano, Syoin Kajii, Yoichi Nagano, Takashi Kumagai, Noriyuki Araki, Rinko Kawauchi, Yoshiko Seino, Masayuki Shiota, Yuri Manabe, Sakiko Nomura, Anat Parnass, Jodie Vicenta Jacobson.

Title: FOIL vol.2 JAPAN
Design: Junichi Tsunoda
Price: 1300 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 978-7-902943-37-5 C0070
Dimension: 20 x 28 cm
Pages: 104 pages
Soft Cover
(November, 2008)

FOIL magazine, which is composed of only visual material, was initially started through Little More in 2003, but now FOIL revived the publication with its radical renewal.
From this revival issue, including great works of both
internationally-known and emerging artists, FOIL will be dispatching more extensive, plastic fun of the art from Tokyo to all over the world, by operating together
with a new space, FOIL GALLERY.
We'll challenge and overthrow the existing concept of art with this revival issue of visual magazine FOIL.

In this revival issue of vol.1, 10 artists from both Japan and overseas partisipated.
The theme "Co-exist" has started as wondering what we can do for these drastic change of the earth, through an expression of art.
Including the great artists of Cy Twonbly and Ed Ruscha, each artist is representing their own vivid world, fun, beauty, meanace and freedom of the art through their original color, light and shadow, in this FOIL magazine.


Cy Twombly
Born 1928, Virginia, USA. Lives in Italy.

Ed Ruscha
Born 1937,Nebraska, USA. Lives in Los Angels.

Peter Doig
Born 1959, Edinburgh, Scotland. Lives in Trinidad.

Jun Tsunoda
Born 1960, Aichi, Japan. Lives in Tokyo.

Anders Edstrom
Born 1966, Froso, Sweden. Lives in Tokyo.

Gareth McConnell
Born 1972,Carrickfegus, Northern Ireland. Lives in London.

Jodie Vicenta Jacobson
Born 1977, Colorad, the USA. Lives in Brooklyn.

Syoin Kajii
Born 1976, Niigata, Japan.

Han Sungpil
Born 1972, Seoul, South Korea. Lives in Seoul.

Nohagi Naka
Born 1979, Tokyo, Japan.


Title: FOIL vol.1 "Co-exist"
Design: Junichi Tsunoda
Price: 1400 yen (tax excluded)
ISBNF978-4-902943-24-5 C0070
Dimension: 29.7x22.7cm
Pages: 144
Binding: Soft cover
(September, 2007)

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