As if looking at sells through microscope, there nobody-has-ever-seen world in a different dimension is unfolded---

While using pop and universal motif of adorable things like animals, Masako Suzuki's drawings are presented with richly described details. The, in a sense, extreme world Suzuki Masako creates reminds us of the infiniteness of universe far in the distance as well as the smallness like cells dwelled inside us, this would make us feel rather uncannily scared.
In addition to her characteristic black-and-white minute drawings by drafting pen, this book covers her colourfull new works and copperplate print works.
Unlike the normal young artist's debut book, "ZOO-M" has already got the distinctive presence, which surely is to be recognized with.


Masako Suzuki Profile
Born in 1981. Lives and works in Shizuoka, Japan. Her exhibitions include "Soryushi" White Cube Gallery, Osaka and "Beautiful World" FOIL GALLERY, Tokyo. She has also participated in GEISAI art fair, organized by Takashi Murakami.



Title: ZOO-M
Art Works: Masako Suzuki
Design: Yoshinori Ochiai (Garage)
Price: 2,500 yen (tax excluded)
Size: 302 x 230 mm
64 pages / Hard Cover
(November, 2009)

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