The artist Yoshitomo Nara has been active world-widely over the past years. The catalogue to commemorate his second solo show at the Yokohama Museum of Art after his first one in 2001, which includes large-scaled installations and blonze sculptures he tried for the first time beside paintings and drawings, has full line-up good for both who enjoyed and missed the show.

"Whether I like it or not, the things I make are no longer self-portraits, but belong to the audience who find themselves, their friends or children they know in my paintings. My hope is that they will remain in the history of art...that they will survive as long as humankind exists even if my physical body is destroyed." -Yoshitomo Nara

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The solo exhibition
NARA Yoshitomo: a bit like you and me...

2012/7/14 - 9/23 Yokohama Museum of Art
2012/10/6 - 2013/1/14 Aomori Museum of Art
2013/1/26 - 4/14 Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
The tour will go on in Asia and Oceania.


Title: NARA Yoshitomo: a bit like you and me...
Photographs: Mie Morimoto, Keizo Kioku, etc
Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Price: 2800 yen (tax excluded)
Size: 232 x 280 mm
144 pages / Soft Cover / Full Color
ISBN 978-4-902943-74-0 C0071
(August, 2012)

The book includes 82 essays selected from Nara’s blog and tweets from 2009 to 2012; his days of working on pieces, audiences, anger towards media, hometown and family, respect and love for music- Those pure and powerful words of the artist, who is very much involved in big art scene, reflect himself who struggles every day in personal life while he keeps creating works.


Author: Yoshitomo Nara
Design: Naoko Nakui
Price: 1600 yen (tax excluded)
Size: 130 x 189 mm
272 pages / Soft Cover
* Text in Japanese only
ISBN 978-4-902943-73-3 C0070
(July, 2012)

For his works, the materials Yoshitomo Nara, one of the most cerebrated Japanese artists, has choses was "Clay"!
Since having visited Shigaraki, a mecca of ceramics, as a part of residency program in 2007, Yoshitomo Nara has been fascinated with the material of clay and produced ceramic works for the past three years. Those works were introduced at Tomio Koyama Gallery in the last May for the first time in public and gave us a great surprise and aroused public responses.
Including works of 3 meter size objet, dolls with archaic smiles, and small vases and plates made with traditional techniques of pottery wheels and hand-painting, in total 161 works are presented in this book, revealing very new world of Yoshitomo Nara with intimate collaborations with a photographer Chie Morimoto, a close of Nara.
The 300mm-big size also enables you to look in fine details and to your heart's contents. The full list of the ceramic works ever produced is also included in the end of this book.

No works will ever be the same, as if each work is a gift of the Earth… no, the Universe. Although any kind of living thing would be killed at the high firing temperatures, I can feel the existence of life in the after-fired works.
- from his postscript


Title: Ceramic Works
Author: Yoshitomo Nara
Photographs: Mie Morimoto, Keizo Kioku, etc
Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Price: 2800 yen (tax excluded)
Size: 280 x 300 mm
96 pages / Soft Cover / Full Color
ISBN 978-4-902943-57-3 C0071
(September, 2010)

The journey of Yoshitomo Nara+graf finally got to an old brick house in Hirosaki-city, Aomori prefecture in Japan in the summer of 2006. All the huts created in the past exhibitions were gathered there and new huts were additionally created and also installed. As a result, there emerged a town of 44 huts in total - it was the “A to Z” exhibition that no one had ever seen before. In this book, you can visit and see each hut one by one as if walking along an alley in the town and trace their whole journey. The “A to Z” town appears in the book again in detail with production episodes vividly depicted by Yoshitomo Nara and Hideki Toyoshima (graf) and with lots of visual images such as sketches and photos. It also includes their episodes in the places they visited through the past touring of the exhibitions and the passion of all the people joined this project. Lots of early artworks by Yoshitomo Nara, which have rarely been shown to the public ever, are also included in this catalogue as well as many new works created for “A to Z”. In column pages you can read a variety of columns and essays to see the history of the artist Yoshitomo Nara from a different point of view, such as the story about the history of Nara’s own hut experiences and the essay on cafe´s as daily art scenes. At the end of the book, an interview with Yoshitomo Nara and Hideki Toyoshima (graf) is included. This is the complete catalogue of the “A to Z” exhibition on which you can see everything about this unprecedented exhibition.

-In 'A to Z', I might have tried to make my own "Home"
by Yoshitomo Nara

*Texts in Japanese Only

* Ato Z +α、44 huts in total are explained in each chapters. The exhibition is illustrated by words of Nara and Toyoshima、episodes of the production、photos and scketcges.

*Colums entiteld "From Rooms to Houses―Home as a Place of Production", "Art space in Everyday Life:Cafe", "My Drawing Room" "Details and Materials" etc.

* Mentioning title and production year for all the works

* Intervew of Nara Yoshitomo and Hideki Toyoshima

Based in Osaka, a creative unit “graf” designs a wide variety of things with a concept of “the structure for better living.” Their unconventional design work covers the range of design projects from space designing and furniture making to art and dining.

Special #1: king-sized special poster (912mmx728mm)
Special #2: Y oshitomo Nara’s Diary (2003 − 2006 / incl. never-before-published diaries)
◎Special talks by Jun Aoki (Architect) + Yoshitomo Nara + Hideki Toyoshima(graf) Photographs by Takashi Honma


Title: A to Z
Author: Yoshitomo Nara, graf
Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Price: 5400 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 4-902943-16-6 C0070
Dimension: 285mm×225mm
Pages: 240
Cardboard case with a Poster
(November, 2006)

*77 drawings including the new works.
* Each page can be torn along the perforation to display.
* Nara's first large-sized portfolio(300x370mm!).

It's the first large-sized portfolio of the artist Yoshitomo Nara containing 77 drawings in which included the new works shown at the YOKOHAMA 2005: International Triennale of Contemporary Art opened on September 28.
This special portfolio is consisted of full-scale drawings printed on perforated pages which can be torn and display at home.

Large size portfolio in a sleeve
You can cut out to each pages!


Author: Yoshitomo Nara
Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Price: 5400 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 4-902943-09-3 C0071
Dimension: 370 x 300mm
Pages: 160
Binfing: Soft cover
(September, 2005)

[Sold Out]

One of the best-selling books by Yoshitomo Nara, which collects his works held in the collection of MOMA.

★The logo has been renewed! 
★Vinal cover is now removed.

A scrap of paper, back of an envelope, cardboard...
The book is filled with the drawings Nara scrawled on every possible thing around him and his autograph writings.

This is revised version of Yoshitomo Nara "Nobody knows" originally published by Little More in July 2001.
The bookbinding has also been newly designed.

Title: Nobody knows
Author: Yoshitomo Nara
Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Price: 2000 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 4-902943-06-9
Dimension: 300x210mm
Pages: 144
Binding: Soft cover
(August, 2005)

A long-selling book of Yoshitomo Nara!

The cute but eccentric girl ramps around all through the pages in the full-color & handheld picture book.

★The cover illustlations is now renewed!

-When everyone is sleeping, I'm somewhat laughing.
by Yoshitomo Nara

This is revised version of Yoshitomo Nara "Slashi with a Knife" originally published by Little More in December 1998.

Title: Slash with a Knife
Author: Yoshitomo Nara
Design: Takashi Miyagawa
Price: 2000 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 4-902943-08-5
Dimension: 210x150mm
Pages: 144
Binding: Soft cover
Full- color
(September, 2005)

Yoshitomo Nara Exhibition "From the Depth of My Drawer" debuted in October 2004.
The exhibited works have been created since the late 80's when Nara had began seriously producing. The exhibition has started at the Hara Museum which once served as a private residence, followed by the Kanaz Forest of Creation Fukui and the Yonago City Museum of Art. At each site, unique exhibition spaces were originally produced in collaboration with the creative design group graf from Osaka.
This book introduces not only the exhibited works, but also the appeal of the installation by photo, text and plans of each site, which will surely satisfy the people visited the exhibition as well as who couldn't.

-I wanted to look back over my past work, as if I was unlocking a never-opened drawer. I hoped for a hint of the future I should follow.
by Yoshitomo Nara

Containing exhibition sites: Hara Museum(Tokyo), Kanaz Forest of Creation Fukui(Fukui), Yonago City Museum of Art(Tottori)

Title: From the Depth of My Drawer
Author: Yoshitomo Nara
Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Text: Noriko Miyamura
Price: 3000yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 4-902948-03-4
Dimensions: 210mm×165mm
Pages: 224 pages
Binding: Soft cover
With English translation
(April, 2005)

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