Photographer Yasuhide Kuge visited numbers of ateliers of prominent Japanese artists and photographed the very places where "values" are created. Including that of Yayoi Kusama, Katsura Funakoshi and Takashi Murakami, the artists' sacred places are vividly and lively represented in this photo book. From the set of tools to their staff which/who support the artist physically and mentally - by the photographer's intervention, the private space will expose the richness of the very "scene" of creation.

Artist Included: Yasuo Kazuki (Painter)
Makoto Aida (Artist)
Katsura Funakoshi (Sculptor)
Kazuo Ohno (Buyoh dancer)
Yayoi Kusama (Artist)
Shusaku Arakawa (Artist)
Tadasi Kawamata (Artist)
Takashi Murakami (Artist)
Tatsuo Miyajima (Artist)
Tatsumi Orimoto (Artist)
Naohiro Ukawa (Video artist / Designer)
Norimizu Ameya (Artist)
Hajime Tachibana (Video artist / Designer)
Kenji Kamiyama (Animator)
Akira Yamaguchi (Artist)
Chikabo Kumada (Painter)


Yasuhide Kuge Profile:
Born in 1962. Photographer. Started his career on freelance basis in 1990.

Title: Atelier
Photographs: Yasuhide Kuge
Design: Hideyuki Yamano
Price: 2,800 yen (tax excluded
Size: 280 x 210 mm
144 pages / Soft cover
(November, 2009)

Garden is a scenery we happen to encounter en route of our journey, as well as a view extends before our destined place.
If the "Garden" is lying on the boundary between architectures.
If the photography is lying on the border between senses and words.
They bear a close resemblance.

This photobook "Niwa to Sono" (Garden, in Japanese) by Yasuhide Kuge collected various features of gardens in Japan, which show the view as it changes from season to season, also Japan's particular moist air, taken through Kuge's unique interpretation of gardens.


Yasuhide Kuge Profile:
Born in 1962. Photographer. After graduaed from Tokyo Visual Arts, he has established his career as a photographer on freelance basis since 1990. He is currently working on photographying contemporary art, Japanese traditional performing arts,as well as contemporary performing arts as his one series.



Title: niwa to sono
Photography: Yasuhide Kude
Price: 3800 yenitax excludedj
Design: Tatsuya Ariyama
ISBN978-4-902943-35-1 C0072
64 pages / A4 / Hard Cover
(October, 2008)

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