As I look back, "To the Lighthouse" has started from the day...
I might not have been taking photographs of teenagers in islands continuously as I have now, If I didn't encounter the graduates in Miyako-Islands, who were completely covered with white flour.

Yoichi Nagano has continuously photographed islands in Japan over 10 years. The sparkling features of teenagers Nagano captured has never stop fascinating the viewers...Newly taken photographs are also added, To the Lighthouse is now renewed and releases fresh brilliance!

Yoichi Nagano Profile


TitleFTo the Lighthouse
Author: Yoichi Nagano
Price: 1800 yen (tax excluded)
Design: Tatsuya Ariyama
ISBNF978-4-902943-34-4 C0072
72pages / 20x15cm / Soft Cover
(October, 2008)


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