Kumiko Takahashi, drummer of a girl's band "Chatmonchy", and an up-and-coming young artist Yumie Shirai have developed their friendship since they worked together in making music video for Chatmonchy's debut song. Collaborating a collection of poems Takahashi has written for many years with newly painted works of Shirai, their friendship born fruit in this book. Momentary and sorrowful, but full of excitements - this book carries real life emotions speaking for all youthful girls, as energetically as if jumping out of the universe!


Kumiko Takahashi Profile
Born in Ehime, 1982. Joined a girls band "Chatmoncchy" as a drummer and songwriter while studying at Naruto University of Education. The band made a mojor debut in 2005, since then Takahashi has been active in the band's activities including releasing best-selling CDs and touring gigs and gained popularity both domestically and internationally.

Yumie Shirai ProfileBorn in Nagano, 1977. Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design. While continuously producing her artworks and showing them in both group and solo exhibitions, she has also worked on scenic art and design, including the music video for Chatmonchy's debut song "Hana no Yume", 2005. Moved back to Nagano from Tokyo in 2007 since then she works and is based in the hometown.

<Coinciding Events>

Exhibition "Hito no Yume"
17 July (sat) - 8 August (sun), 2010
11: 00 - 19:00 Closed on Monday (When Monday is national holiday, the following Tuesday will be closed instead)
Admission: 500 yen (free for children not entered elementary school)
Venue: Ikejiri Institute of Design, IID Gallery
2-4-5 Ikejiri Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0011
Tel: 03-5481-9011
See details here

Talk Event
Artist Talk "Hito no Yume" with Kumiko Takahashi, Yumie Shirai and Team Hito no Yume
18 July (sun) 14:00 - 15:00 (reception starts from 13:30)
Venue: Special site at Ikejiri Institute of Design
Need Advanced Booking (sheets limited up to 80)
* Fully booked, thank you!

Book Signing
18 July (sun) 15:30 - 18:30
Venue: Special Site at Ikejiri Institute of Design
* Free numbered ticket will be available at Ikejiri Institute of Design for all those who purchased the book "Taiyo ha Utyu wo Tobidashita"

Public Reading and Book Signing
1 August (sun) 19:00 ~
Venue: Tower Record Shibuya B1 STAGE ONE
* Free numbered ticket is available for who purchased the book "Taiyo wa Utyu wo Tobidashita"
at Tower Record Shibuya or Shinjuku. Ticket limited availability.


Title:Taiyo wa Utyu wo Tobidashita
Poetry: Kumiko Takahashi
Paintings: Yumie Shirai
Design: Misuzu Utsunomiya
Price: 1300 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN 978-4-902943-55-9 C0070
Size: 206 x 153 mm 64 pages / Hard Cover
(July, 2010)

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