10 years from the simultaneous publication of three books UTATANE, HANABI, HANAKO - Co-published with American publisher Aperture, this new book Illuminance presents new photographs of Rinko taken over 15 years, which are sublimating the world of UTATANE. Rinko Kawauchi is currently actively participating both solo and group exhibitions all over the world and this Illuminance is published in 5 different countries as attracting more and more attentions from all over the world.
Light and dark, life and death - Rinko Kawauchi carefully takes up and captures fragments of beauty and sadness connoted in such elements. Transcending limitation of time or places, this book nobly and quietly inspires universality and makes you open the door in your mind to the new world.

Solo exhibition "Illuminance" at Gallery at Hermes (NY) is held from 19th May to 16th May, 2011.

Title: Illuminance
Photographer: Rinko Kawauchi
Design: Daniel Bear
Text: David Chandler (Japanese only)
Price: 4300 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 978-4-902943-64-1
Dimension: 279 x 220 mm
Pages: 176
Binding: Hard cover (Cloth cover with foil stamp) / Japanese Binding / with Shrink wrap
(May, 2011)

A century has passed since the first Japanese Immigrants arrived to Brazil.
Invited by MAM (Museu de Arte Moderna, Sao Paulo), Rinko Kawauch took new series of photographs of, from Japanese Brazilian community, the scenery of the great nature and animals living there, everyday life of its inhabitants, to the Rio Carnival, through her three times visits to Brazil.
Sao Paulo, Belem, Tome-Acu, Campinas, Londrina, Iguacu, Pananal, Bonito, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Luis, Lencois Maranhenses.....
Holding the overwhelming energy, every moments in Brazil is inscribed beautifully, delicately, and sometimes nostalgically in Rinko Kawauchi's images.
The different races and cultures, the disparity in wealth, festivals and everyday life, and the country, where all the things are mingled. The rhythm of life are welling up from the chaos.
In this new series of work, you will see a new ground of Rinko Kawauchi, which she found in Brazil.

-What I wanted to see might be be the immense power of Brazil, a country able to absorb everything like the so-cold Devil's Throat, which swallows Iguacu Falls' main flume in a deafening roar.
by Rinko Kawauchi

Title: Semear
Photographer: Rinko Kawauchi
Design: Junichi Tsunoda
Price: 2800 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 978-4-902943-20-7
Dimension: 300 x 220 mm
Pages: 184
Binding: Soft cover
(July, 2007)

A small postcard book deliverd from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, which is one of the biggest aquariums in the world.
Beautifully and ephemerally, Rinko Kawauchi took pictures of the life of marine creatures swimming in the sea, acompanied with the still photos for a movie 'Dolphin Blue', which is released in the Summer2007 in Japan.
Dolphins and various fish in the Churaumi Aquarium, tears from a whale, a lot of fish swimming around the big glass tank, a rainbow over the island...
This is the first postcard book of Rinko Kwauchi.
Hope to be sent with the first news of this summer...

*Majun means 'Be Together' in Okinawa dialect.


Title: Majun 10 postcards book
Photographer: Rinko Kawauchi
Design: Tatsuya Ariyama
Price: 1000 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 978-4-902943-19-1
Dimension: 120 x 120 mm
Pages: 10
(June, 2007)

A chick, horse, dog, turtle and human beingsc
Some creatures are to die soon after the birth; some creatures are born only to be eaten by the others to sustain their lives. All the living creatures are accepting their fate in the life no matter what it is.
The mysterious and precious moments of the birth of various creatures. The blessings of being living. The babbles, vividness, beauty, joy, and the ephemeral existence of the lives in nature. The photographs cropped by Rinko Kawauchi invite us to confront the line between life and death.
By interspersing the portraits of everyday situations throughout the series, AILA finally becomes the most completed, overwhelmingly big series of Rinko Kawauchi to date.
FOIL now publishes the revised edition of Rinko Kawauchi "AILA" originally published by Little More in April 2004. The cover has been newly designed.

Title: AILA
Photographer: Rinko Kawauchi
Design: Hideki Nakajima
Price: 3500 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 4-902943-10-7
Dimension: 300 x 230 mm
Pages: 176
Binding: Hard cover
(November, 2005)

The memories of people beloved and protected by adults around them as they grew up, it won't fade away.

The works in "Cui Cui" are memories of Rinko's family which she has been shooting for 13 years.
There are scenes of, family gathering in New Year's Holidays, wedding of older brother, grandfather's death, birth of a new life, and so on.
Ordinaries of life pile up in the normal family.
The photographs evoke the scenery of hometown with smell of people and earth.
Repeating the encounter and separation, the family will keep alive in one's memory.
It could be your family album, which will stir a memory of days gone by.

Title: Cui Cui
Photographer: Rinko Kawauchi
Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Price: 3000 yen (tax excluded)
Dimension: 243 x 165mm
Pages: 232 pages
Binding: Soft cover
(March, 2005)


Ordinary scens of everyday life such as small insects, floweres and children...
This book consists of the photographs taken from usual everyday life, and whispery words put together by Rinko.

Title: the eyes, the ears,
Author: Rinko Kawauchi
(Photographs and Poem)
Design: Junichi Tsunoda
Price: 1500 yen (tax excluded)
D imensions: 224 x 150mm
Pages: 112 pages
Binding: Hard cover
With English Translation
(February, 2005)

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