To accompany with his first major solo show in NY at Gana Art Gallery,
Seung Woo Back's tabloid-type photo book is published from
IANN BOOKS (Seoul) with limited edition of 1,000 copies.
Comprised with Back's new series Utopia as well as his remarkable series Blow-Up, both featuring North Korea as its motif, this tabloid with size of about 50 x 60cm in spread , powerfully shows this Korean artist's concentrated works!


Title: Utopia / Blow up
Photographer: Seung Woo Back
Price: 2000 yen (tax excluded)
Dimension: 515x378cm
Pages: 36

(September, 2009)



sReal Worldt is a series of photographs taken in a thema park in South Korea which features miniatures of world-famous tourism places. There the fake architectures and realistic Seoulfs landscape coexist, the rather calm images bring weired sensation and suggest the envious looks the South Koreans seem to turn towards outside of the country. Another series,sBlow Upt is a set of enlarged photographs extracted from the original film taken in North Korea. Lika a sneak shot, the images play skilfully on their viewersf voyeuristic interests, on the other hands, reality of the unliaristic country will be gradually sliped out from the blow-up images, which are different from the scene we normally see through sometimes exaggerated reports the mass media bring.

Mixing these two different series togther in one book we reveal the ironical fantasy and never-fulfilled wish of the two coundties and force the most realistic state of the Korean Peninsula come to the front.

Photographer: Seung Woo Back
Design: Takashi Miyagawa
Price: 2800 yen (tax excluded)
Dimension: 240x320cm
Pages: 96
Binding: Soft cover
(October, 2007)


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