The frog made from a pair of socks, rabbit from a knit-cap or others from textile of popular fashion-brand clothes like mina perhonen and Kate Spade... the animals she makes from familiar worn-out clothes and such show lively, adorable, expressive look - there is no single animal showing the same face.
76 works of such unique stuffed dolls are collected in one book "nui-gurumi", which should touch the child's mind secretly lying in the adults.
Some snapshot and comments from the owner of the nui-gurumi dolls are also included, in addition, you"ll be able to make your own with the special insert of "How to Make an Elephant"!


Miyako Kanamori
Born in 1970, Kanagawa, Japan. Engaged in the works of merchandise planner of sundry goods and stuffed dolls after graduating from university. Started making studded animals using worn-out clothes and sundries on freelance basis. Her publications include "Sock & Glove" and "Happy Gloves", which published through Penguin Group in America and has acquired the popularity internationally. Including her annual solo exhibition in December at United Arrows, she has been actively showing her works in exhibitions.

Title: nui-gurumi
Art Works: Miyako Kanamori
Photographs: Naomi Wada
Coordination: Michiko Sugimura
Design: Ed Tsuwaki
Price: 1600 yen (tax excluded)
Size: 210mmx182mm
64 pages / Soft-cover

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