"Two artists I've been a fan of for a long time" - Yoshitomo Nara

The first book by Mel from Australia and Tak from Hong Kong, compiled by Yoshitomo Nara, has finally been ready to be released.
Mel Stringer, born in 1987 and works as a freelance illustrator based in Brisbane. Nara first got to know her some five years ago, when she sent a letter to him. Nara admits he gained a lot of power from Mel's works as the time just flowed him right by, creating work and exhibiting over the decade.

In the meantime, Nara met Yeung Hok Tak a.k.a Tak a few years ago through Nara's old friend who is an art director. Nara immediately liked Tak's work and keeps a close relationship with him visiting Hong Kong several times.
Nara finds richness in the artist and his work with a unique
background cultivated in the Sinophone world with the long-time under British rule.

Works by Mel depicting bold girls with simple lines and cute colours, and works by Tak filled with humor as an established comic writer- This is one viberant book presented by Yoshitomo Nara introducing you the two artists.


Mel Stringer
Born in 1987 in Darwin, Australia, and graduated from Casuarina Senior College in 2004. She now lives and works as a freelance illustrator and visual artist in Brisbane, Australia. Solo exhibitions: Whole Heart Zine Distro (24 HR Art, Darwin, 2005), Blemished (with Ben Constantine)(Lamington Drive Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2009), Paperdolls Have Sherbet Dreams (With Yellowcake)(Rabbit Hole Cafe, Brisbane, 2012).

Yeung Hok Tak a.k.a. Tak

Born in 1970 and grew up in Hong Kong. After secondary school, he pursued further studies in illustration and graphic design at the Technical Institute, Sha Tin. He then went on to work in this field. In 1998, he began his career as a comic book artist by publishing comics in Cockroach Quarterly. His debut personal graphic novel How Blue Was My Valley was published in 2002, receiving much acclaim and attention in the local and international comic scenes. The French edition was published in 2007. Biu Tung Wa Jap (The Psychicf s Fairytales), his weekly comic since 2004, has been collected and published in book format over five volumes, along with another two volumes of the comic strip Bak Gwei Kat Cheung (Cool-Blooded Theatre). In 2010, he worked as the art director of the new animation film adaptation of Mcdull, a famous Hong Kong animation series. Solo drawing exhibitions: Mad Grass Show (Hulahoop Gallery, Hong Kong, 2008), Mad Mushroom Show (Booday Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, 2009).


Exhibition Curated by Yoshitomo Nara
"Mel Tak" Works by Mel Stringer and Yeung Hok Tak

2013.8.16(Fri) | 9.8(Sun) FOIL GALLERY
*September 8; Talk event with Yoshitomo Nara

2013.9.10(Tue) | 10.6(Sun) at Willow Gallery in Aichi Triennale, Aichi


TitleFMel Tak
AuthorFMel Stringer, Yeung Hok Tak
Art Direction & CompositionFYoshitomo Nara
DesignFKeisuke Kawauchi
PriceF1600yen (tax excluded)
ISBN 978-4-902943-84-9
SizeF257 ~ 190 mm
64P / Soft Cover
August, 2013

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