A sculptor artist, Hiroko Inoue has been actively produced her interdisciplinary works both in Japan and abroad.
This, "Inside-Out", is particularly a photographic series of works she has continuously, over 10 years, photographed with a motif of "window" of isolated and locked up places such as a mental hospital and a concentrate camp.
Prompted by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Erthquake, which seriously destroyed everyday lives of the inhabitants, including the artist herself, and deeply traumatized them in many ways, she started taking photographs with the motif.
This theme then brought her visit all over the world, from Germany, Austria, to Yemen and Alaska, where she saw many people seriously damaged seriously both mentally and physically.
Lifeless iron-bars, ceiling and walls of ruins-like buildings, bedclothes which still keep the warmth of a person...
Facing with such closed silent spaces, conversely, we are really made to realize that hopes can be found in the relationships of people.
Through the windows represented in her works , although any human figures are never appeared, this "absence" would rather let us strongly sense the existence of life.
The viewpoint of Inoue, in whom photographs the influence of her deeply rooted experiences are reflected, the signs of life around the windows, and eyes of us - the viewers of works - each of those emotions cross on the works "Inside-Out" and make you think that we are living through the chains of relationship, even in this era of confusion.


Hiroko Inoue Profile:
Born in Osaka. A sculptor. Having studied textile and dyeing in Okinawa for two years from 1974. Since 1995, she has been producing her works with a motif of window, from an ordinary residence's to an isolation institution's, in various places of the world. Awarded City of DuNsseldorf and Goethe-Institut Kansai Prize at Osaka Torienniale in 1988 and started producing her works in Germany in 1999. Since then, she has grew her relationship between German art institutions, the activity includes exhibitions at numbers of museums in many German districts. She had also stayed in Austria for a year as a Special Advisor for Cultural Exchange of Japan's Govermental Agency of Cultural Affairs from 2005. In 2007, while lecturing at Clemson University, South Carolina, she participated in a project of producing public art using only organic materials. Her major solo exhibitions include; Hillside Forum, Tokyo in 2008; Jugendstiltheater, Otto Wagner Spital, Vienna in 2005; Kunstmuseum Alten Post, MuNlheim an der Ruhr, among others.



Title: Inside-Out
Photographs: Hiroko Inoue
Design: Yoshinori Ochiai
Texts: Reiko Kokatsu
Price: 2500 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN 978-4-902943-42-9 C0072
88 Pages / 20.2 x 26.5 cm / Soft Cover
(April, 2009)

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