Facade Korean photographer Han Sungpil has been produced conceptual photography through his career and actively announced the works all over the world. This new series, Faccade is a series Han has been working on over 7 years. Traveling around the world, from Korea to the Europe, he photographed strange, eye-deceiving buildings with his large format camera. As the title Facade suggests, represented "Trompe-l'oeil" painted on the wall of buildings or scaffolding are mingled with real scenery around them, and they loose the boundary between real and unreal in Han's photographs. Those facades - appearing suddenly in the urban scape - may be a gate to the ideal world which people are dreaming of.

Han Sungpil Profile:
Born in 1972, Seoul. Announcing many conceptual works, such as dreamy series of "The Sea I Dreamt", photographing airy seascape and "Ground Cloud", a series taking pictures of smokes from nuclear power station rather idyllically, and having exhibited those works in all over the world, including The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The new series, "Facade" will be announced on the occasion of his solo exhibitions at Arario Gallery, Seoul this spring.



Title: Facade
Photographer: Han Sungpil
Design: Junichi Tsunoda + Satoshi Suzuki
Price: 2500 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 978-4-902943-65-8
Size: 280 x 280 mm
84 paes / Soft cover / Full color
(April, 2011)

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