"Eadweard's work lives in a place that none of us ever visit, we only maybe see it the news, but even then it's not newsworthy. Too tough, too real. Thanks to his exploration, we get to see a side of America that still exists, but this time, thanks to his keen eye, we get to see it first hand."
Christopher Makos (from the book belt)

“AmerWrecka” - In all this madness, I've seen untold beauty.
I don’t look at my photographs in a negative way, as I find great beauty in photographing the decay and destruction of old houses, buildings, cities, people and faces. I'm not interested in portraying the positive image of American life that is broadcast non-stop by the Hollywood media machine, whose only real interest is to sell the world a commercial depiction of reality. I am only interested in portraying the truth in history, from the perspective of a street photographer - whether that be shooting the inner city homeless, a walk-by or anything that happens to catch my eye.
                       Eadweard r. York


Eadweard r. York




Title:In all this madness, I've seen untold beauty.

Photographs:Eadweard r. York
Design:Yoshinori Ochiai (Garage Ltd.)
Price:3,500yen (tax excluded)
ISBN 978-4-902943-99-3
Size:280 × 215 mm
160P / Black and White/ Hard Cover
June, 2016


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