The airy touch with exquisite balance of colours - Jun Tsunoda's abstract paintings greatly fascinated the visitors during his solo exhibition at FOIL GALLERY last summer.
This his first book consists mainly of photographs taken by photographers Katsumi Omori and Anders Edstrom.
Composed with those photographs by the third person, the works show very fresh different features.
From a series of "ancient and modern", inspired from Jomon culture (ancient primitive culture of Japan around BC1 - 4, symbolized in the use of straw-rope pattern pottery), "Light Sculpture", captured and mirrored flow and patterns of light, "Dot Painting", composed of minute dots and lines drawing colourful and sensuous world,
to his latest series "Line" and "Ring", which especially present fluid flow of lines, daringly, but delicately,
his extensive works produced over 20 years are collected in a book chronologically.
Cave - the place where human-being first chose for its canvas - the daily changing, wavering emotions freely painted on Jun Tsunoda's works rise above the time.
Touching the sensuous world, you'll be lured into uninhibitedly exuberant paintings delightfully playing with lights and colours.


Jun Tsunoda Profile:
Born in 1960in Aichi, Japan. Graduated from Tama Art University. His major solo exhibitions include Gallery TRAX, Yamanashi (2004) and FOIL GALLERY, Tokyo (2008) and group exhibitions include "Cultural Ties Exhibitions" Westzone Gallery, London (2000).


Art Works:Jun Tsunoda
Photographs:Katsumi Omori / Anders Edstrom
Price: 3000yen(tax excluded)
ISBN978-4-902943-44-3 C0071
Size: 27.7 x 22.6 cm
Page: 92 pages
Hardcover / Full-Color
(May, 2009)

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