<Bernard Buffet appeared in Franch art world at the young age of twenty, and had established his unique style of representational painting. Annabel was the belle of French society with her exotic beauty.
Those two who shared the shadow in mind of having experienced war in theirsensitive adolescence and their own family's discord in their childfood, had fated meeting in 1958.
When France was whirlig by postwar frenzy, Buffet formed cultural relationship with Francoise Sagan, Jean Cocteau and Jean Giono, but yet, he remained aloof from the others as a painter. And Annabel had supported him
all her life.
They lived together as husband and wife, and also as "Significant Others" for 41 years with never-been-chilled passion, loving and respecting each other and appreciating both of their talents.
This book contains valuable photos and Buffet's works from early to later including of which featured Annabel, backgraound and encounter of the two and art and culture of postwar France.
This is a story of tracks of Buffet and Annabel's love.



Title: Bernard Buffet et Annabel
Supervised: The Bernard Buffet Museum
Design: Makoto Yamamoto
Price: 2800 yen (tax excluded)
Dimension: 21.5x15.3cm
Pages: 192
Binding: Hard cover
*Japanese Texts Only
(August, 2007)

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