Special Booklet for the collaboration exhibition "Rugged TimeScape" by Kenshu Shintsubo, photographer and Takashi Ikegami, Complex System Science researcher at the Tokyo University.

Landscape photographs by Shintsubo is here textualised by a program Ikegami created -not only the pure beauty of the geometric pattern and its color, you'll also experience the new possibility of photography, as including the notion of "time" in its nature.
Exclusive essay by Takashi Ikegami is also included.

Kenshu Shintrubo Profile
Born in Tokyo, in 1968. He has established his career as a photographer since 1996, after experimented video works using pictures and sounds recorded on the field. Centering on the photography and video works, he has continuously produced his own art works while also actively collaborated with professionals from other realms such as the architecture, electric music, film, literature and information design.

Takashi Ikegami Profile
Born in Nagano, in 1961. Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Department of Physics in 1984 and also received Ph.D of the same university in 1989. While teaching at the University of Tokyo as a professor at Department of General System Studies, Graduate School of Art and Science, he has been playing active part in the projects to connect the realm of art and science, as a researcher of Complex Systems Science.



Kenshu Shintsubo + Takashi Ikegami Rugged TimeScape
Sound Installation: Keiichiro Shibuya (ATAK)+evala (ATAK,port) 12 Mar. (Fri) - 3 Apr. (Sat) 2010
12:00 - 19:00(27th Mar / Closed at 18:00)
Close on Sunday and National Holiday

Title: Rugged TimeScape
Author: Kenshu Shintsubo + Takashi Ikegami
Design: Ryoji Tanaka (Semitransparent Design)
Price: 952 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN 978-4-902943-52-8 C0072
A4 size / 32 pages / Saddle Stiching
(March, 2010)


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