Look, feel, then imagine
Each of you would also be aware of the pain in your chest-

Liu Xia has been working on her pieces for conveying her feelings towards her husband who is in prison, and essentially, for her own appetite to express herself, evading censorship from the government.
A pair of man and woman dolls which she calls "ugly babies" that we see in her monochrome world seems as if they are representing the couple themselves under unreasonable political pressures.
Although those pictures remind you of the feelings such as "pain" or "terror", you can always feel that there is silent strength underlying in each picture. While being under house arrest, her works are prohibited to be brought outside of the country, and even to be shown in public in China. As it is almost miraculous that her pictures have been delivered here to Japan this time, we hope as many of you as possible have the opportunity to appreciate them.

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Liu Xia Profile :
Born in 1959 in Beijing, Liu Xia is a poet, painter and photographer. For over three decades Liu Xia has been one of the most notable figures of the contemporary Chinese art world. Liu Xia is prohibited from public exhibit in China. In 1996, Liu Xia married the writer Liu Xiaobo, imprisoned for his writings in favor of democracy. After Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, Liu Xia, though never charged or convicted in China, was put under house arrest.

Photo Exhibition - The Silent Strength of Liu Xia -

[Tokyo]The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan 2013.4.8 - 5.10
[Kyoto]FOIL GALLERY 2013.5.24 - 6.16


Title: The Silent Strength of Liu Xia
Design: Yoshinori Ochiai(Garage)
Price: 1300 yen (tax excluded)
ISBN: 978-4-902943-82-5
Size: 190 x 190mm
56 paes / Soft cover
(April, 2013)

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